1 v 1 Me Bro

This weekend at Montana State University, MSU Hivemind  hosted their first local area network (LAN) event and one versus one tournament. The one versus one tournament was on Saturday, September 17th.

The tournament had about 20 different MSU students participating. The victor of the tournament was Jake “dubbajakeX” Welch. He is a double majoring in Computer Science and Computer Engineering.  As someone who is not good at math, Welch responded to my confusion of “why”, with “the two overlap very closely.” Well, he is still crazy for wanting to do so much math, but more power to him.

blog image.jpg
Jake “dubbajakex” Welch

“dubbajakex” has been playing League of Legends for about 6 years now. He has had some times where he plays on and off. However, he has played the jungler role for about 4 years followed up with a couple of years of the ADC role. Although Welch is active in the MSU Hivemind LAN scene, he primarily plays with his friends he says.

His friends are also who got him to start playing.  Now from where he started his pc is “pretty buffed up” or as I described it as a server tower of which a small child could play in.

Overall, Welch seemed to be pleased with the tournament results. “Everyone else began to target ban me” after his first few wins, according to Welch. His main four target bans were Caitlyn, Jhin, Graves, and Illaoi. “If you couldn’t find a way to ban all four, I always got one,” dubbajakex described the banning situation. There were a total of three bans on each side of the tournament.

He and I shared a mutual agreement towards players who picked Caitlyn counters. If you can play Caitlyn well, you can play her against just about every thing in a 1 v 1 tournament style bracket.

However, even though in the light of his win, Welch says  that “if we had more people than just people a part of the school, it would have been a different result.”

His winnings were the typical Riot Games sponsored event winnings: skins, RP, and bragging rights.

GL at the MSU Hivemind’s LAN event on October 22 in SUB 233-s35 starting at noon!




Author: Queen Hecate

I am a writer that focuses on creative writing and eSports/gaming. I enjoy keeping it local.

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