Magic the Gathering: Kladesh Pre-Release

This past weekend, I attended my first pre-release event.

At Rook’s Comic and Games, on Saturday at 1 p.m, was the start of the Two Headed Giant. I wanted to go with Brian because I didn’t know what I was doing and had very little experience with deck building. Prior to this event, I only had my Gravebourne deck, which I used the list from Wizards website.

Overall Experience

I enjoyed the overall event. However, the downside is that there are people who understand how to build two decks that can play off of each other, rather than just two separate decks. Brian and I both built our own differently because of the cards we opened. The cards we got limited our ability to create decks that could play off each other. On the flip side we got some decent cards that allowed us to build up our decks from the event from 40 card to 60 card.

The event play through was good. We ended 2-2 in best of one for four rounds, which for our first time together at an event like this, I want to say, is fairly good.

The Cards

Some one opened a Chandra, and another opened a shiny Chandra (I don’t know the actual term, so pokemon references it is!). So there was a lot of excitement there.  Brian and I opened two gearhulks, black and red. We also got Angel of Invention. Those three cards lead us to run a Black White deck (mine) and a Red White (Brian) deck.

Beyond what we got from the opening, the art on the cards were beautifully done and contained lots of fine details. So, most of what I needed was Servo’s. My favorite of the Servo art was the following because of the sizing reference. You see a man in the back. Showing us how really small these little Servo units can be. The fact that Wizards took the time to factor this in was amazing. Also, how bright the blue is in the top of the little Servo unit.


Where I Plan to Go After Block Releases

I really liked the elves in this block, but then I really like elves. So, one of the secondary decks I made from the Shadow over Inistrad block and the Kladesh pre-release cards, I made a Blue Green Elves themed deck. This is my first non-black deck, so it felt good to finally branch out from my normal. However, unlike the primary focus of the block (to build and gain energy and use artifacts to create ships or vehicles), I am going the exact opposite direction. I am using more artifact creatures than I have in the past however.

I am excited to share what I pull from the box and fat pack I buy later this week!





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