Assassin’s Creed III: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

This is not what one may think, I am not going to be looking at the game Assassins’s Creed III as a whole, but rather the language or rhetoric used in the game. I am taking a previous piece I completed for a rhetorics course at Montana State, and turn it in to a piece that can change the views on the influence and impact of having an assassin like Connor during this time, rather than an European/ Revolutionary white assassin. Because what have we had since then or before this game, Assassin’s that are from where the game starts.

Although the role of assassin is considered an outside role, what if you made an outside/exclude race the assassin? What impact does this make? Where can we see the good in this choice made by Ubisoft? Is there a down side to choosing this kind of race?  Of does just every one hate Connor?

I will be posting updates on this large project as I go along! Probably related to images.

Have Fun!


Author: Queen Hecate

I am a writer that focuses on creative writing and eSports/gaming. I enjoy keeping it local.

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