Fans Are The Wisest Sometimes

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The NA All-Stars team is going to be a wreaking ball if they can synergize by December 8th. Each are gods in their own right or just plain fan favorites.

5. Impact

Impact currently plays for Cloud9

Although he has World’s expeierence, his numbers aren’t exactly something to squak about. In comparison to his All-Star counterparts, he has one of the lower NA LCS standings, excluding Aphromoo. His win ratios aren’t all pretty and shiny either. He has talent, always plays constitantly and will make high impact plays when the chances arise.

4. Aphromoo


 Zaqueri “Aphromoo” Black is back, but not with Doublelift. We may now have a moment of silence for those days. Anywho, Aphromoo is still making big plays with the Thresh Hooks. He is also a fan favorite, rising to the top of the All-Star vote at over 50%. Maybe at the All-Star event we will see some awsome synergy again starting December 8th.

3. Doublelift

Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng is just simply talented. He has timing and patience down to a science. Although early game bully is his expertise, his late game plays are just as good. Doublelift has shown that he will quickly pick up new ADC champions as needed. I mean look at his YouTube Channel, Jhin everywhere. Even though his comfort picks should always be terrifying.

2. Reignover

Reignover during 2016 Summer Split

Kim “Reignover” Yeu-jin is more than just a god. He is a consistant one. However, he changing teams yet again. Maybe that will be affecting his plays that we will see in the All-Star tournaments. However, with the jungle changes well on thier way, Reignover might start using the Rift as a lab. His flexibility is his strongest point, while also being fantasic at his comfort picks (if he even has any).

1. Bjergesen

Seriously, are there any surprises here?  Søren”Bjersen” Bjerg is always rocking it on the Rift. He came to us from the EU. Now, he has been living on the NA throne and will continue to do so until SK T1 sends thier mid laner over to join NA. Plus, the guy has some of the highest win-loss ratios in the NA LCS. I mean Zilean. Bjersen recieved over 60% of the fan vote as well for the the All-Stars game.


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