Symmetra Rework Incomming

Today, Blizzard released a Developer Update video. Symmetra is no longer going to be a situational pick! Well, hopefully. 

All of the changes will be hitting the PTR (Public Test Region) soon according to the video. The primary goal: make her fun and improving the quality of life.

There are 4 MAJOR changes coming to her. Plus, a small change to her weapon’s primary ability.

  1. Her Ultimate: Originally, a player would build a nest with turrets and place the teleporter within the turret nest. The teleporter wasn’t taken away. Instead, Symmetra now has 2 versions of her ultimate. The teleporter and now a Shield Generator. YES! A Shield Generator! So, no more giving people shields! Anyways, according to the video the Shield Generator does a couple of things.  It creates a substantial shield to those with in its large radius, ignoring all line of site. The Shield Generator will result in a a focus from the enemy team to seek and destroy the generator.
  2. Teleporter now has more health, part of which is just shield. The evil days of your teleporter health decreasing slowly from the attacks is now over. The survivability of the teleporter increases as the shield regenerates between attacks. So, that whole nest thing, its great now.

    Teleporter will still have 6 uses
  3. That whole giving shields at the beginning of the match chaos is now over! (Praise the lord!) You still have a shield to use, but creativity is encouraged now. The shield’s new name is “Photon Barrier.”This shield is similar to Winston’s kind of. So, Symmetra can now use the shield that moves along a projected track of movement. This enables teams with tanks without shields to have a moving shield to get them past that Bastion or Torbjörn turret in the corner doing lawn mower things to your team.
  4. The turrets. So, along with the stress originally from putting shields on team and placing 3 of 6 turrets in the minute before the game starts is basically gone. Now, Symmetra will start with 6 instead of 3 turrets. Turrets will also stack up to 6 instead of three. The cooldown in 10 seconds instead of 12. The changes to the turrets will encourage a change towards flexibility in Symmetra play along with the ability to disengage in a team fight to put more turrets up or change the turret placement.
  5. This is more of the minor change. Her weapon. The primary ability’s distance was increased a bit. She is still considered a short range character.

What does Blizzard want?

Current Symmetra mains to tell them yes, Great! or no, and here’s why? when it gets launched on PTR.

Occasional Symmetra players: Same thing as current mains, but whether or not you think the changes will increase your play time as her.

The WTF is Symmetra players: Try her out on regular game play and then compare it to the PTR, let Blizzard general thoughts!

Good Luck Symmetra players!



Sombra: Overwatch’s Newest Hacker

Image result for sombra overwatch

Blizzard started tempting us with leaks. Those obsessed deciphers and translators work on other hidden leaks. Now, two days ago, the henchmen at Blizzard released her to the public.

Leaked Sombra Image

Downside, she came with other patch work.The result? Players are now limited to only one character type on each team. It is a race for Sombra in every pick phase. Many players are struggling to play her in a basic game, let alone ranked.

Even though the struggle is real, Sombra has been well received. Many players, like myself, have limited chances to play her. My route… Training center, custom games and Arcade Mode (seriously Blizzard, thank you for the custom game option and Arcade mode).  Sombra is currently a very broken character. I would expect the nerf bat to come within the next couple of patches.

Currently, her strongest abilities is invisibility and hacking, not her EMP Ulti. However, I think that like D.Va’s ultimate, Sombra’s ulitmate doesn’t affect those hiding. That doesn’t make any sense for who she is. Instead, Sombra makes up that power with the individual hacking: health packs and characters. Like Zenyatta and his Discord Orb, hacking the right character can change or turn a team fight.

Hard at work.

I really like the invisibility. It helps her mobility for fighting; allowing her to create the chaos in the back lines of the enemy team. That Mercy  keeping a 15 kill streak McCree alive, no problem. Gone. Also, the part of invisibility causes it to cancel after she gets hit by anything.  This makes it not so broken, maybe? I hope that Blizzard, changes it a little so that the enemy team has a hope of seeing her a little. But, Sombra as a character is designed (look at the video on YouTube- “Infiltration”) to be completely invisible to the human eye.

Some current problems that I foresee is her teleport pad. It throws very oddly. I am not sure how to feel about it. Granted most maps have only two levels — three if you take an elevator, play Widowmaker or Phara), Sombra should easily be able to get up to that third level. However, in the training center, where I have been experimenting with that teleport pad, it has been super hard to get it up there to the third level from the first. On the other hand, it encourages the combo-ing of her invisibility with teleportation. Fun fact, the teleportation pad does not need to be fully landed prior to teleporting. Lob it and go. This can increase that mobility factor for her.

Overall, very popular character. Amazingly fun as well!



Link for “Infiltration”:




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